You’re invited to leave memories of our son on this guestbook. We miss him so, and it’s nice to know that others do as well. If you would like, please leave a memory of Michael or a message to the family. Feel free to leave memories, thoughts, notes to Michael, whatever you wish. Thanks for remembering Michael Jr.
You may also email the family at michaelsmemorial {at} swickey dot com.
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  1. My dear son, your sister and I visited your grave early this year. We were talking how crazy it’s been 26 years since we saw you. Titanic the movie came out it’s celebrating 26 years this year. Princess Diana passed a few months after you did. All these moments in life how it makes time stand still. It did for us , you will forever be that sweet 16 year old boy. How I miss you so. If there is one thing I wish I could do would be go back in time spend the day with you. What we would do, the fun we would have. Just to hold you and breathe you in again. I can’t but maybe one day soon I will. Your cousin passed recently I picture you two together getting into trouble. Gives me a sense of comfort knowing he’s there with you. Goodbye for now. Love💜I sweet son. Until we meet again. Love ❤️ Mom

  2. Michael,

    Wow 26 years since I’ve seen my big brother. I don’t know what to say. I miss you and love you!



  3. Michael,

    I can’t believe you would be 42! To think the last time I saw you, heard your voice you were only 16. So much has changed since you left us here on this earth.

    All we have left are memories which we will cherish forever. No matter how much time passes I will never forget you. I love you Michael.

    Your sister,


  4. Michael, can’t believe you would be 42 years old today. Seems crazy how time has passed. So much has changed in the world. I wonder where you would be in life now. Maybe have your own band that you dared to dream for . Maybe being a father with a family. All the things we will never know. Just remember your sweet soul and what a good son you were . Those birthday 🥳 parties I loved to give you. I miss talking to you, your thoughts on things. Just know you made a impact on some many people in the short time you were here. I couldn’t have asked for a better son that God gave me. Picture you in heaven playing music 🎶 for everyone . Until we meet again my sweet son. Love 💕 you Mom Happy heavenly birthday 🎂 Michael

  5. Michael…it’s been so long since you were here. So hard to imagine 25 years and all the changes that have happened since we lost you. I wonder what you would have thought of the world as it is now? All the advances in technology, how music has changed, how we communicate. I think you would have loved it and embraced it all. But you were also a kind and gentle person who would have been sad at the strive in our society today. Every generation faces problems and you missed what yours has experienced. I wish you could have seen it all…the good and the bad. I wish you could have been here through all the changes, to grow up, and pursue your life. But sadly, you didn’t have that chance. And we’ve missed you. Your mom, dad, and sister especially. They all think of you every day. And I’ve missed getting to know you more and watching you grow up. You are loved, Michael.

  6. A unusually warm winter day quite different than the one the day you passed. So much has changed in our lives we lost your grandma this year , good friends. They joined you now. I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since we saw you last. You would be a man , not a shy sweet boy on the brink of manhood. Not a day passes I don’t think of you in some way. I always called you my little bread boy cause you loved fresh bread so much. You and I shared a love of chocolate cake as well.Your dad keeps up with this website he created for you. You would be proud of him. How you would have loved how technology has advanced quite differently than what you experienced. So many people have visited this site people you never knew. You made a impact on their lives like you did ours. So my sweet son I will go for now. I love you so much. Until we meet again. Love Mom😇💜

  7. Michael,

    Wow, it’s been 25 years ago that I lost my sweet brother. I’m 38 now and that’s just so hard to believe.

    25 years is a long time but no matter how much time passes I won’t ever forget you. I love you Michael.

    Your sister,


  8. Michael, today would be your 41st birthday. I think that number seems so strange to me. Still picture you a little boy. You were just 16 on the verge of manhood so many things you wanted to accomplish. Getting a job, your drivers license. How things have changed in the world some good some very bad. I think back to your past birthdays how I enjoyed planning them so to see that big smile on your face. I see other people who have left messages about your time here. You made a difference in their lives, that makes me happy. Your sweet spirit made a impression on people.I’m thankful for the time we had together, until we meet again. Take care my sweet son. Happy Birthday Michael

  9. Michael,

    I can’t believe you would be 41 today! Wow. Things are so different now. Technology is so different, you wouldn’t believe it! Phones that take pictures, etc.

    I miss you all of the time and I just reflect on all the wonderful memories we shared together as brother and sister. I love you and hope that someday soon we can be reunited.



  10. Hi, this is Sai- Michael and I became instant friends and started a band in high school within a couple months before his passing- We were all at his funeral in Bethany. I Think about him a lot as do the rest of our band members, some of us still tour and record together. Derek, our same drummer and I talk about him regularly. He was part of the reason we all started making music together. Sending love to his family. I hope you are all well. Love, Sai Esquivel

  11. My sweet son Michael, today marks 24 years since I’ve seen that sweet face. Just to touch you , hear your voice. I miss that.People always comment on the fact you were such a good looking young man. You were , with a tender heart to match. Always caring ,polite, considerate of others. You wouldn’t recognize the world right now in all it’s craziness, but there is a lot of new technology you would have loved. I focus on this day the precious memories I have of you, and not the violent way you left this world. You will forever be that sweet shy young man frozen in time.I loved you so much and was so proud of. So goodnight my sweet son, until we meet again. Love Mom

  12. Michael,

    I can’t believe it’s been 24 years since I lost my big brother. Wow how time flies. I say it flies. Some days it seems like not that long ago and other days it seems like an eternity.

    I miss you all of the time. No matter how much time passes I will never forget you. I love you Michael.



  13. [This post was found to contain personally identifying information linked to the comment. It has been removed to protect identity theft, impersonation, and other privacy threats to the individual who left the comment.]

  14. My sweet son today would be a milestone birthday for you . Your 40th Birthday 🎂. Hard to believe it’s been so long since we saw you. You would be a grown man instead of this shy , creative teenager on the brink of manhood with so much to accomplish, but you did accomplish a lot while you were her on this earth. You made a wonderful impression on so many lives. God gave us a wonderful son with such a kind heart. Who we miss so much not a day to be sad but to celebrate a special life. Happy Birthday 🎂 Michael until we meet again. I love ❤️ you Mom!

  15. Michael,

    It’s hard to believe you would be 40 years old today. I will always remember you at 16. No matter how much time has passed I still think about you all of the time. I love you.


  16. Dear Michael,

    Wow…your 40th birthday! It’s so hard to picture you at any age beyond 16. You are forever a teenager to me. I remember you playing your guitar, getting ready for the talent show, doing homework, writing poems…and always, always, being appreciative and polite. You had such a kind heart and it was a privilege to have known you. We all miss you, Michael.

    Happy birthday.


  17. Michael here we are in 2O20 hard to believe we are in anew decade the world has changed so much.So many things you would have liked to see and some you wouldn’t. I remember a sweet young man who was loyal to his friends and family. Never left without telling us you loved us. Your sweet spirit that engaged us all , kindness towards animals, and your quest for learning new things. So my sweet son I know one day we will be together again. I just feel blessed to have been your mom ,and to be proud of the young man you were . Love you son ,always Mom

  18. Here it is 2020. January of 1997 seems so long ago, by the calendar. But Michael will always be in our hearts – every day. We raised a boy and have 16 years of memories with him, and that cannot be erased, nor would I want it to be.

    I love you, son.
    We will never forget.

  19. Michael,

    It’s hard to believe you have been gone for 23 years! No matter how much time has passed I will never forget you. We have so many wonderful memories that will live on in my heart forever. I love you!

  20. Michael,

    It has been 23 years since we lost you, but you have never been forgotten. Your kind, loving heart, your intelligence, your thought provoking questions, your writing. We truly lost a treasure when we lost you. I wish I could have watched you grow up and could have gotten to know you better. I miss you, Michael. Love, Beverly

  21. I think about you Michael and wish we had more time to get to know one another. I have you photo and a copy of a poem you wrote in my entry. You had a profound effect on those who knew you and they will never forget you! Thank you for the love and caring you showed to Glen and me. We carry that with us every day. Speaking for myself, I try to share that love with all I meet. So hard to believe you would have been 40 this year! Miss you!

  22. Dear Sweet Michael, another year gone, yet there is no such thing as time, just a transcendental concept. You spent a sort life here on earth yet made such a mark. You were sincerely and deeply loved by so many. May you know only peace and comfort in your quest for knowledge beyond the veil. Love to you and your loved ones, my beautiful boy.

  23. Michael I wrote earlier but can’t find it visited you today to put flowers on your grave.I can’t believe you would be 39 today seems like a eternity since I saw you last. I still see you as a young man on the brink of manhood, so hard to think of you as a grown man. So many things I miss of you , that sweet spirit you had I hope I will see you soon my sweet boy Happy Birthday Son love you mom

  24. Michael,

    Today is your 39th Birthday. That’s hard to believe. No matter how much time has past I will never forget my one and only brother. I love you.

    Your sister Amanda

  25. Michael, January 18 is a date that will never be forgotten to me, the date it all changed. Thank you for blessing this earth with your creative compassionate soul. I believe that the spirit that burns the brightest, burns the fastest. May you rejoice each day in Paradise.

  26. Michael just read some messages from other people that visited your site it’s so nice to read memories they have of you. Makes me feel so good you touched so many lives while you were here. You were such a special young man I felt lucky to be your mom Today is always hard for me the anniversary of your passing particularly being on a Friday brings it all back it was the last day I saw you alive before dropping you off at Justin’s house .Imiss you so much wish things that turned out different I hope the friends that you had they remember today and the difference you made in their lives . Goodnight my sweet son

  27. My dear sweet son went to put flowers on your grave before work today I couldn’t find your grave marker it was covered in grass for a minute I thought you were playing hide and seek with me I wish I could say things gets easier as time goes on but I miss you so much your forever 16 in my mind not a grown man 38 I can’t fathom that you were such a special boy so talented and smart so loyal to your friends god gave us such a special young man I miss you son one of the things that keeps me going is your in a better place with all of our loved ones so I say to you you rocked out hear on earth I hope you rock out in heaven I love you so love mom

  28. Michael,

    It’s hard to believe you would be 38 years old today. No matter how much time passes by I could never forget my big brother. I love you Michael.



  29. Michael,
    It’s hard to imagine you as a 37 year old man, but that’s what you would have been today. You are forever 16 to all of us. I remember your last birthday, getting your new guitar and how happy you were! Today is a day to remember the good and happy times with you. I didn’t know you for long but you’ve left a lasting impression on my life – your kindness, your sense of justice (just like your dad), your amazing writing ability, and your inquisitiveness. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday, Michael.

    your stepmom

  30. 37 years ago life changed forever. What a sweet little bundle you were. I had no idea then that we would have you with us for such a short time. It’s been almost 21 years since I’ve seen your face, heard your voice. I try with all I have to imagine what you would look like if we were celebrating your 37th birthday today. But, I can’t. You will always be frozen in time to me as a boy of 16 – or the wonderful years when you were just a little boy.

    The memories will be sharper today, but these birthdays that come and go are filled with a mixture of remembering happy times – and the sadness at losing you way too early.

    I miss you son. With all I have I miss you and love you so very much.
    We all do and we always will.

    Happy Birthday Michael.

    Love forever, Dad

  31. Well Michael today is your Birthday. Everyday is hard but Birthdays is one of the hardest. To think how old you would be now and how old you were when I last saw you is hard to imagine.

    We just have to remember the memories because that’s all we have left.

    We love you Michael and think of you often. Happy Birthday Big Brother. I love you.


    Your little sister Amanda

  32. Dear Cindy and Michael and family. I am writing this to you on behalf of my cherished daughter, Lauren. She and Michael were sweethearts at the time of Michaels death. Last month I lost my angel and the grief is devastating, as well you know. I wanted you to know that I had just bought her a new billfold and I took possession of it after her death. One of the items in it was a picture of Michael she has always had. She put in in her brand new billfold si she would always have him with her. There is a small compartment in her urn for special items so Michaels photo us placed there. She always maintained that Michael was her true love and that she knew she would join him one day, she just waited twenty years. I cannot help but think they are together right now with Laurens little dog Palona. I know she is happy safe and warm in the presence of your beautiful gentle blessing of a son. Sincerely, Carolyn Lorett

  33. Michael,

    Wow, it’s been 20 years since you left us. It almost seems like another lifetime ago.

    I think of you often wether it be hearing a song you liked or the smell of patchouli oil.

    I love to look at old pictures of us as little kids. We will always have those good memories to look back on. I know that you wouldn’t want us to be sad on this day but to remember the good times.

    I miss you and love you!

    Love, Your sister


  34. Dear Michael,

    Another year has passed that you weren’t with us…it’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years. It’s hard to imagine what your life would have looked like. Would you be married with a family? What would your work be? Music, writing? Or something else that would have captured your imagination? But you will always remain 16, trying to figure out your path in life. I miss you and your mom, dad, and sister miss you too. Thank you for bring a part of my life, even if it was too briefly.

    Love, beverly
    Your stepmom

  35. Happy 35th Birthday Michael.
    Although you are gone from this earth, you will never be gone from our Hearts. The Love and Joy that you brought to your family will always be remembered.

  36. Michael,

    Wow 35 years old today! That’s just hard to imagine. It’s hard to imagine I’m 32. We miss you so much and remember all the great memories we got to share with you. I love you big brother!



  37. I was just lying in bed and I thought of you Michael. Why ? Well… Sometimes I just think about you and wish you were here with us in body and not just in spirit.

    I wish so much that you were here so the pain your loved ones have of missing you wouldn’t be. I wish you were here to see how much your little sister has accomplished. I wish you were here, so life could be that much better. I just wish you were here, because it would be so great to have a brother-in-law to talk too.

    I wish you were here, but at least we have a guardian angel watching over us all.

    What can I say ? I just wish you were here.

    Someday we will finally get to meet. Until then, I Love You big brother in law and I will always be thinking of you.

  38. The hardest part is finding what to say to make family feel at ease. Nothing can really ever make the pain of losing a family member, brother or son go away. Words can only help for so long and then what do you have ?? Well Michael even though we never had the chance to meet on this earth it’s plain to see that words from so many loved ones shows the expression of love that you left. Words may not keep the family at ease for long or keep the pain away, but the love that is shown in your memory will and it will last for many many lifetimes.

    Love You Big-Brother-In-Law

  39. Michael,

    It’s so hard to believe you have been gone for 18 years. Wow, that seems like such a long time ago. Especially for me I think because I was just a little girl, and now here I am married and 31 years old.

    At times it seems forever ago and at others it seems like just the other day, it’s weird. So much has changed in my life I think you would be proud of me.

    I miss you and love you big brother.



  40. The milestone days seem to come around quicker with each passing year. I can’t believe it’s another January 18th. This 18th is different because you, my son, have been gone for 18 years almost to the minute I am writing this. 18 years. That knock on the door seems only a few years ago to me, but at other times it seems like forever – as in another lifetime.

    I miss you, Michael. There is still not a day that goes by without thinking of you – some way or another. We had conversations that seemed like they happened only months ago, they are that fresh in my mind.

    I try to let this day go by without a lot of extra thought (though it’s impossible) because this is the anniversary of a horrible day. I like to remember you on most any other day, like your birthday – or any other day really – because this was just so awful. But I know it cannot be changed and this day will come around once a year and it is simply fact now. No, I much rather try to remember all those good days, and it’s easier when its not on January 18th. Baseball games, movies, reading to you when you were little, birthdays, Christmas, on and on. So, I will remember those things again today. Even though it’s harder on this day.

    Peace to you, my boy. I love you. I miss you. So, so much.

  41. My sweet Michael. You know, I still write letters to you, just like I did when I was 14. After so many years, I know you were my first love. Each time I listen to “strange Attraction” by The Cure, I think about you. I wish I would have gotten to know you for a longer period of time, but those amazing memories, guarded by grief for so many years, makes it feel like we were acquainted for eons. My favorite moment to look back on is a snowy day in December, a bit over a month before you died. It was just you and me, and you were shivering, having left your coat inside. I had on a big, fluffy faux leopard jacket, and I asked if you wanted it. I started to take it off, but instead you just put your arms around my waist, and got in my huge coat with me. You lifted me up off of the ground for a second, and then we just stood there, your face burrowed into my neck, and mine into yours, and let it snow around us. I can still recall the way your soft breathing sounded, and how fast my heart was beating. I closed my eyes. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, we both let go, only our frozen hands still touching, palm to palm. You produced a note from your pocket, and slipped it into the pocket of my huge fuzzy coat, and very softly, pecked me on my lips. You ruffled my short hair and called me the name you always called me, that name being “crazy girl”.

    I still think about how different it would have been if I wouldn’t have been sick and slept through that party. I still have the tape from my answering machine (just like I have all of your letters), wherein you left me messages that night, telling me that as soon as the truck was running, you and Justin would come get me. I know I never would have let you be alone…….but to think that way is counterproductive. It leads me to think in circles, and that leaves much less time to think of the good times; the long phone conversations, our letters, our dumb inside jokes.

    I still miss you. I miss you so very much.

    In Love and Honor,


  42. god bless micheal swickey. we were good friends for several years but sorta drifted apart when the goths took michael and twisted his mind. i have read all the notes on the site and i wonder where all those so called friends are? i see terry daniels wrote and that was nice. i wonder about justin, larry, and those who stranded him that night. where are they and why havent they found there voice to write here? this would be as good a place as any to apologize for dumping him on that street which got him killed. i was hoping to read there feelings here.

    i am glad to see the family keep this site and write so many nice things about such a nice kid. he was nothing but nice and very talented with music. a sweet spirit. but i can’t get over those so called friends involved that night who have had nothing to say here for 18 years. shame on all of you.

    love you michael swickey

  43. Happy 34th Birthday Brother…

    Time may pass by quickly, but memories shared and stories told to me by your family will last forever..I Learn something new about you every week when the family talks about different memories they have of you and it makes me feel closer to you.

    I can say over and over I wish I could’ve met you, but with all of the pictures and videos I’ve been able to watch of you growing up and stories I’ve heard from the family over these past two years, it’s..well ……like I get to know you everyday and see what a talented young man you were at such a young age.

    Happy Birthday Michael and keep watching over us from above

  44. Michael,

    It’s so strange to think about my big brother turning 34. To think you were only 16 when I last saw or spoke to you. It’s even harder for me to believe I’m now 31 and married, your little sister who was only 13 then. So many great memories though to remember you by. As Dad mentioned our trip to Disneyland. It will always be one of my favorite memories and the best trip ever! Happy Birthday Big Brother, I Love You!



  45. Happy birthday, Michael! It’s hard to imagine you as any age but 16, but you’d be 34 today. You were a terrific young man and I was so lucky to have known you. Your talents, your intelligence, your kindness, are things I’ll never forget about you.
    I wish I could have known the man you would have become. You had so much to offer this world. We all miss you so much.


  46. In January, you will have been gone from this planet for 18 years. But today, I will remember the good days and good times. Movies, Disneyland, Baseball games, listening to you play the guitar, holidays, our deep philosophical discussions that thrilled me because it showed me that you were a thinker. I can only imagine the discussions we would have with you being 34. I am up late and thinking of you. It’s your birthday!

    I love you, Michael, Jr. and still miss you like you left yesterday.

    Your dad….with all my love.

  47. I was just thinking of you Michael and i have been since my marriage to your little sister Amanda.. I don’t think anyone noticed when I was standing at the front of the aisle waiting for Amanda to walk down with your dad. But I kept looking up just to see if i could feel you, your grandparents and mine, all watching from Heaven…I’m sure you all were, but i couldn’t help but look up..Then as Amanda walked down with dad i felt something and i believe that was all of you letting me know and i had peace..Even though you are no longer on this earth we’re still brother-in-laws and that will never change…I Love your little sister with ALL of My Heart and we all Love and miss you…
    Keep watching over us Mikey and we promise we will never forget you 🙂

  48. To a great man I never had the pleasure of meeting……
    Today was a tough day for your mother and little sister as well as for your father and stepmother losing such a wonderful person 17 years ago,i wish I could say time heals all wounds,but that is nearly impossible..Only thinking of you and remembering who you were as a person,what special impact you left behind as a gift towards the family and friends who loved you so dearly can ease the pain just a little..I can only truly learn what and who the special artistic young man you were by the heart felt stories told to me by your family ,oh Michael how I wish I could’ve met you and had you standing by my side the day I marry your little sister in a few short months,but I know you will be standing there with all of us in spirit,watching,protecting and loving that she will be happy living her life with me..Seeing pictures,listening to recordings of your music,reading the poems you have written and by the stories this family has and will continue to tell me are the only ways I will ever get to know you here on this earth…although today is a painful day,it is also a day to be thankful,thankful for the special impact that you have left behind on this earth,not all who are gone leave such a lasting impression like you have done…Memories are the best way to keep a loved ones spirit alive and you Michael sure have left this family with some very special ones that I will love to hear about throughout our lives together…I could never replace you Michael,but if in some small way with me joining this family I can ease the families pain I hope I can do you proud,i will do the best of my ability that God has given me..Not much more I can say except…You’re missed and loved with heavy hearts,but will never be forgotten and one day down the road we can share the memories of uncle Michael with our children…

    I promise to protect,care and love this family the way you did and still do from above….I will meet you one day in Heaven Michael,till then…

    I Love You Big Brother-In-Law

  49. Michael, I find it so hard to believe it’s been 17 years since I’ve laid my eyes on you, 17 years since we’ve talked. I have no idea what you would look like at 33 as you’re forever frozen in my mind at 16 – or sometimes much younger. We all miss you so much, more than I can even begin to explain. I try to remember the good times and only find them still fighting with the tragedy of your death way too young. But there were many good times and I will never forget them. You will always be in my heart until I take my own last breath.
    I love you, son….

  50. Michael,

    I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I have signed this guest book. I just want you to know I miss you and love you! No matter how much time has passed I will never forget you!

    This past year has really been a life changing one for me. In just four short months I will be getting married. Wow. It’s still hard for me to believe but I know I’m making the right decision. I wish you could have met Skylar. He enjoys me telling him stories about you or us:) I Love You Big Brother!


    Your Little Sister Amanda

  51. Dear Michael,
    It’s been yet another year since you left us. It’s so hard to believe 17 years have gone by without you. Your dad and I often talk of the things you never knew – DVD’s, digital music (wouldn’t you have loved downloading your favorite music?), the internet beyond AOL and Prodigy, and so much more. It’s so sad to think of things you would have loved but never knew. You were an exceptional young man…so smart, so sweet, and so thoughtful. And your writing, just like your dad’s, blew me away. I miss you and think of you often…I wish I’d had more time getting to know you, but I know you through your dad, Amanda, and your mom. They all loved you so much.
    Michael, we all miss you,
    Love, Beverly

  52. Dear Michael oh how I wish I could have met you,in some way I think I have..I feel all of stars I wished upon each night sitting outside my parents house and all of those prayers I prayed to God above to send me that special girl,that one of a kind unique young lady that God created just for me who would become the Love of my life,MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE LOVE..i believe you had a hand in that Michael,something was telling me to take a chance even though I had been hurt so many times before,it kept telling me this time would be much different and I believe that something was you..i believe that some how in some way you introduced us that night on October 13 2012..i believe you saw the man who was meant to spend the rest of his life loving your sister,knowing he would care for her and take every step to make sure she was protected..Michael I will be marrying Amanda on june 7th 2014 and I know you will be there watching knowing she will be happy forever…Your memory will live on through Amanda and someday through our children….You have a great family Michael and I cant wait to officially say they are mine,because I love them all very much..Your mother is an Awesome,hard working,caring and loving woman,your stepmother is one of the sweetess women I have ever met and your father is well going to be the best Father-In-Law any man could ever ask for and I cant wait for him to give his only daughter away to me on that special day…I know you will keep watching over us,just like you have been these last 13 months ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thank you Michael 🙂

  53. This is Terry Daniels. Michael was my best friend, and at the time of his death we were on what i felt was a path to greatness with our music. I remember always being at his house and working on our music together. I remember his little Sister and his Mother. His Mom encouraged our music and didn’t mind us playing LOUD. He was the biggest influence in my life back then, with how he talked, how he dreamed, how he loved and cared for people, how he loved to play guitar and played what he loved. Cindy, he was a light to me. An inspiration and i hungered for his friendship. I still know how to play one of his songs and always will. His talent blew me away. But, it was his passion for whatever was important to him that registered the most. My music seemed to fade and lose its medicinal necessity when i woke and he was gone. But, i carry him with me throughout the years. He touched my soul and, as so very very few ever have and ever will, he holds a place in my heart that will never be vacant. He lives there, beating on the chambers, echoing down the halls of my life and time. He would have been great, no matter the road he chose. He had “IT”. That intangeable to greatness. Michael, I remember when………

  54. 16 years. The world has changed so much. One thing has not changed though and that’s the deep and everlasting love I have for you, Michael. Not a day passes that I don’t think about you and miss you. Many times I smile, other times I cry. The smile is remembering your laugh, the cry is that I’ll never hear it again. Forever, Dad

  55. I’ve been thinking about you today, Michael. I haven’t signed this guestbook in a while, but sometimes it is still kind of hard because I still miss you so much. I see stuff and think about how much you would like it. 15 years have gone by since I have heard you call me “crazy girl”, and I still miss it. That was your nickname for me, and nobody else has ever even called me that. I remember you always insisting that you actually HEAR me tell my dog I loved her every night when we ended our marathon phone conversations.”You hang up. No, you hang up!” I miss you, kitten. As Westley said in “The Princess Bride” :

    “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”

    Still Love You- Lauren (Pinky)

  56. Hello , this is awesome , i just found this page … I knew Michael , he was a cool kid , and very sweet loving person. I was there amongst the craziness on that sad sad night , as were a few of us. And i just wanna say , I have and never will forget Him , how could you , he had such an impact on the people’s lives he touched. And he will live on forever in our hearts , and memories ……

  57. I came across this website by chance. I knew a Michael Swickey 30+ years ago in Ardmore, Ok. I was touched by his writings on his memorial page and while I never new Michael Jr., I can tell he was very loved and an inspiration to others. I know it has been several years since your loss, but, your family will be in my prayers.

  58. It’s been so nice to read some of the comments left by friends and classmates. Thank you all so very much!

    Michael would be 31 years old today. It’s truly hard to arrange that properly in my brain. 31. Really?

    I miss you, son….so very, very much.
    With all my love, Dad

  59. To Micheal’s family

    I have been to this site a few times. I was in the same class of 99 with Michael. I had only spoke to him once, a few months before he had passed. One of my friends had a crush on him and was too shy to say anything so I talked to him for her. He had a very sweet and shy demeanor about him, and I think I made him a little nervous so I cut the conversation short. I have known several classmates to pass, but Michael has always been the one that has crossed my mind more regularly. I hope this is not inappropriate to share as I did not know him personally. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that he was taken away from your family at such a young age and that I saw something different and special in him.

    I wish you all peace and comfort

  60. to michael we love and cherish and shall hold u in our hearts as always and forever. michael u wander in my dreams as in my heart. can t wait to see u always

    your friend becca

  61. Mike, Cindy and Amanda,

    I was cleaning out somethings today and I found the remembrance card from Micheal’s funeral. You probably don’t remember me, as I never came over to your house, but Mike and I were pretty good friends in 8th grade. I have a really powerful and salient memory of playing “Come as You Are” in Conrad Read’s garage with Mike. There was a magic in that night (Conrad’s 13th or 14th birthday) that will always be with me, and my feelings about my own life are in many ways benchmarked by Micheal’s passing. He’s still the only person my own age I’ve been close to that died and because of that he pops up in my brain pretty often.

    It blows my mind that it’s been almost 15 years since Mike died. It amazes me that I’m 30, even more so that Mike would be. He’ll always be that scrawny kid in an oversize black t-shirt playing an Oscar Schmidt electric guitar in someone’s garage. Mike was funny and weird and cool and I wanted to let you know that I think about him every time I hear that Nirvana song. I’m sorry we all lost the chance to see the really great person he would have grown into.

    Mason Weaver

  62. Michael,
    Another year has come and gone without you in it. Time sure does go by way too fast. I’m twenty seven now and to think I was only thirteen when you passed. Wow. I think of you often, especially if I hear a song you liked or I smell patchouli oil. No matter how much time has passed though I will never forget my dear sweet brother. I love you!


  63. Michael,

    Another year has passed and it’s now been so long since you left us. We all miss you terribly and I have missed getting to know you better and having you as a stepson. You were a wonderful young man and I wish you had been in my life so much longer than just a few years. But I do remember what a kind person you were and what a good heart you had. I’ll never forget your sweet spirit.

    Love, Beverly

  64. It is so hard to believe that it’s been fourteen years since I have seen my son. We all miss him so much. I am writing on January 18th, 2011 and this day, no matter how many years on, will always be difficult.

    Something I have struggled with over these years and have never mentioned here – the personal mistakes on Michael’s part at 16 years old, mistakes on the part of other young people, legal injustice by not prosecuting drunk driving and fleeing the scene of an accident (no matter the other causes), corruption in the Oklahoma City Police Department and the DA’s office in 1997 – and so many other questions still haunt me on this day of January 18th….fourteen years later. I have tried to let all that go. But injustice is injustice. I’ll always remember the betrayal I felt at Bob Macy and his excuses for not prosecuting a woman who was drunk, hit my boy and fled the scene. It’s hard to know the lies that he told me that I didn’t find out about for years. Covering up for people with connections. Apparently that was normal procedure in the office of DA Macy. It hurts.

    But this I DO know…..I miss my son, terribly. I also feel blessed to have had him in my life for the 16 years he was here. I see his love for music in a couple of his cousins and that makes me smile.

    I love you, Michael!


  65. Michael, you have been on my mind lately and I was surfing the web, and came across this website. I didn’t even know this existed! I just told the story of your death (and life) to a friend of mine a couple days ago. It’s so hard to believe you have been gone 13 years. You were such a wonderful boy and young man, with such promise. I am still so saddened of such a beautiful life cut short. You will never be forgotten, Michael.

  66. Hi this messege is from Derek Brian Terry and Sai , Michaels highschool band mates . Just wanted to say that none of us have ever forgotten him .

  67. Michael, I just realized what the date is. I will always remember you. I wish we had come to know each other better. You are missed. I think about you every day when I look out and see the tree we planted in your memory.

  68. i was passing through and trying to find out what happened to all those i went to school with so many years ago ,and many things suprised me . I guess our parrents were right all those years ago.. here i am 30 and it happened in a blink of an eye. i havent seen michael in so many years yet i still remember the way he smiled and laughed . he will allways be remembered..

  69. Michael, Today is your 29th birthday. Its hard to believe you would be this age and tomorrow you would be celebrating your ten year high school reunion. A lot of time has passed since you have been gone but we will always remember the birthdays you got to celebrate while you were here. We miss you and love you very much! Happy Birthday!
    Love Mom
    (I’m over at Mom’s tonight and I helped write this…Happy Birthday from me too! Love, Amanda)

  70. Here we are – another birthday. We all wonder what you would look like, what you would be like, what you would be doing with your life with all of your talents. Married? Children? It’s natural for us all to wonder these things, but really, you’re frozen in our minds and memories at the tender age of sixteen. You will NEVER be forgotten. Happy Birthday, buddy.

  71. It’s the middle of the night here and Michael crossed my mind as I thought about friends from the past. I knew him well enough to know he was a talented musician and could write lyrics as well as anybody I have ever known and he was only 16 when he died.

    I’m surprised people that visit here don’t seem to leave many messages besides Michael’s immediate family. I am guessing he didn’t have a large extended family, obviously very few cousins, aunts, uncles. I wish more old friends would go ahead and leave a message because I’m sure they want to know he hasn’t been forgotten. Hope that’s not out of place here, but hey, he was a good person and he was taken way too soon. Peace to you Michael.

    Jason Wood
    Charlotte, NC

  72. For the family of Michael Swickey, Jr. –

    I didn’t know Michael, but I graduated from Putnam City High School in 2000. I was looking at the alumni pages, and I came across Michael’s memorial page. I know that many years have passed since you lost him, but I imagine that your grief, at times, still seems unbearable. My heart goes out to you, and I pray that you all find comfort in your many happy memories of Michael.


    Kristen ‘James’ Plotner

  73. Michael,

    It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone without you being here. It actually seems longer for me because I was only thirteen then and I’m twenty five now. We all love you and miss you and think about you often. You will always be in our hearts!



  74. Michael,
    Another anniversary of you not being here with us on this earth.I reread your poems again and realize how deep you were for a boy of your age I am amazed.You were such a sweet, and caring boy. I think of all the things that could have been for you. I love you Son. I always will .



  75. Well, another anniversary of your worldly death comes around. It’s 4:10 in the morning on January 18th and I can’t sleep because I have been thinking of you and working a little on your website here. I haven’t been thinking totally in a sad way, but remembering what a neat little boy you were and the fine young man you would have grown into. You gave us all some wonderful memories, buddy.

    I Love You!

  76. Dear Cindy & Michaels family: I stumbled accross michael’s website today looking for online memorial sites & idea’s for creating one. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I lost my son Nick, who was also 16 yrs old, only 14 months ago. My daughter was also 13 when her big brother passed away. The loss of our Nick was very sudden & unexpected & it is still hard to believe he’s really gone, it doesn’t seem real sometimes still. Even though it’s been a year, it seems like yesterday. It breaks my heart to hear of other young men who have passed too soon, too young. I will always miss & think of my Nicky as I know you miss & think of your Michael all the time. He seems like a wonderful boy , just like my nick, very loving & special. Why is it that always the extra special ones go too early? I am still trying to understand that.
    Much peace to you…..
    Theresa, Nick’s mom
    Portland OR.

  77. I only knew you for a few of your birthdays, but I remember your 16th – how excited you were to get your new guitar! That’s a special memory – seeing your face light up in surprise and gratitude. You were a special young man, Michael, and I miss you too. Happy Birthday

  78. We all miss you, son.

    Today, we choose to remember the happy days – like all those great birthday parties! My favorite was when the magician came and put on a show.

    You will never be forgotten….
    Happy Birthday, Michael.

  79. Today would be your twenty eighth birthday. I can’t believe that the last birthday we celebrated together was your 16th birthday. So many years have passed since then.The picture your Dad posted today was from your 3rd birthday.We had Mickey Mouse come it was your first bithday with your new sister there, your birthday cake I made fell apart your Dad had to go buy one from a bakery. So many memories of special moments of your birthdays, I’ll cherish forever. I love you son. Happy Birthday.


  80. It is so hard to believe it’s been eleven years. There are so many awful memories of that time. Yet, eleven years on, I have tried to put it all in perspective of eternity. The fact is, we are all dying. Some die at 6 minutes old, some at 16 weeks, some at 6 years old, some at 16 years old, some at 96 years old. We never really know. Unfortunately, our Michael died much too young. But, there’s no escaping the fact that every single person alive today will one day be gone too. It is my hope in some sort of reunion. It may be in a way that none of us can possibly imagine – but the hope is there.

    We miss you, Michael. So much.
    I love you son….

  81. Dear Son, I’m writing this on the eve of the anniversary of eleven years without you. Alot has happen in that time frame. We lost Grandma Erma, and Uncle Harold within the last two months. So we remember once again how quickly our lives can change. Your Dad, and Beverly have really been there for Me, and Grandma Connie, and your sister. All of this just puts into perspective how our lives change. Michael,your best friend from grade school got married this summer, and sitting there seeing Clinton grown up ,like a young man, made me think what would you look like now and where you would be in your life. We all miss you so much, I know you are in heaven, and Grandma Erma is with you now. I love you son and I’m thinking of you always.



  82. For my precious nephew. Today was the first time I realized you had a website. Today we buried your greatgrandmother Erma. It is at times like this we remember those who are so dear to us, and are no longer here on Earth. You were taken from us too soon. The pain is still real. Your birth changed the course of you mom and dad’s lives. Your cousin Gordon thinks of you often, and wishes he could see the man you would be today (as we all do). Knowing your love for music, I believe you are in God’s heavenly presence, playing in His band of angels. And today you are reunited with your greatgrandmother Erma Gammell.
    God bless you Michael for touching our lives and for continuing to live on in our hearts.

    Your aunt, cousin & Uncle Mike love you & miss you.

  83. Michael,
    I know you don’t know me or my little family, but we have grown to love your mom and your sister very much, and also we know your dad and stepmom. this is a family that has lost such a light, i can only tell from reading what your dad wrote, but after becoming a mother, it affects me so much more when someone loses a child. I just lost my mom after a long battle with COPD. Amanda was one of the first people i told. She and your mom came by to visit me in the hospital when i had Emma. and i seem to see your grandma Connie all the time at the store.
    I know Amanda misses you very much. i’m always here for her.
    barbara randy and emma foley

  84. I have received some email about leaving messages here on the guest book. Yes! Go ahead, it’s not for family only. Anyone can freely leave their remembrances of Michael…and….thank you.

  85. I married Michael’s dad, Mike Sr., just 5 months before he died. I wish I had known him longer, but I am very grateful for having known him at all. He was such a sensitive, caring young man – and so talented. He had a flare for writing and loved his music. I wish he’d had the chance to turn either into a life’s work. Michael, we miss you so much! It’s been a long ten years without you.

    Love, Beverly

  86. Michael was my brother and I miss him very much. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for ten years. I was thirteen when he died and I’m twenty three now. I just try to remember the good times. I love you Michael!

  87. Michael,

    Today your sister and I visited the cemetary,to leave flowers for you. It took a while because of all the snow,but there popping out of the snow were flowers left from before it was a sign like I’m over here. Michael , you;ve alway’s been here whether it’s a song you liked ,food you liked. Son, ten years since I saw that smile,the push of your hair from your face, behind your ears.You would be a man now, maybe a father. I miss you so much. You will always be with me. I love you!



  88. Son, How can it possibly be ten years since I have seen you and heard your voice? I think of you all the time and wonder often what you would look like at 27, what kind of young man you would be. I miss you so much, Michael. Love, Dad

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