We Remember…


September 10, 1980 – January 18, 1997



For the many who remember Michael, we can’t help but wonder. We wonder about many things and imagine his life at 38 years old. What would he be doing? Would he have a family? How would he make his living? It’s all speculation of course, but we wonder. We do. What would he have settled on as his life purpose? Because we knew Michael, we knew even at age 16, the age he lost his life, that he had a special mind. He was curious. He was thoughtful. He thought about music, poetry, and the big questions of life. He questioned so many things and would often wonder why things were the way they were. It wasn’t enough to say, “It’s just always been that way.” He was a thinker, that we know. It’s because of all of this, and more, that we still mourn what might have been. As hard as it is to imagine, it’s been 22 years since that tragic night when he ceased to be with us in this world, and slipped into another that our minds cannot begin to understand. All we can do is remember the many memories of his life – and that we do, and often. There is still much unknown about 01-18-1997 and those questions sometimes make it hard to move on – even this many years later. Yet, as time passes, it truly does become easier to push aside the tragedy and the accident that cost him his life and place the focus on where it belongs: remembering and celebrating the good times of his life. What we wouldn’t give if things could be different, but alas, the past cannot be undone. So, we have this page. Sent into the world on an internet he would have loved. To Michael’s and our friends, family members, and one-time strangers: welcome. Please take a look at some of the pictures and if you would like, step back and read the words from 22 years ago as they appeared in the original memorial notice.

“Remember Me and Smile”

We hope you spend a few minutes here and remember the life of our son, Michael. We apologize if any of the ads that WordPress.com places here are inapproriate. Ignore them and take a few minutes to remember – and smile.
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